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Happy Holidays!

Christmas toyWe would like to wish you a very safe and happy holiday!

CMS will be closing on Wednesday, December 24th at noon, and reopening on Monday, December 29th.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Why do you need merchant services for your firearms business?

Why do you need merchant services?Accepting credit cards for your business is key to future success

There is no question the firearms industry is booming. Sales of guns and ammunition have seen double digit increases over previous years, and they show no signs of slowing down. While many dealers have moved toward accepting credit cards for their sales, both in-store and online, many have avoided doing so because of the perceived hassle associated with merchant services. Capital Merchant Solutions knows the hassles that come along with opening up a merchant account for firearms sales, but we’re here to tell you that having the right merchant account is vital to the continued success of your business.

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Why is Proper Firearms Training Important?

Proper Firearms TrainingUnderstanding and respecting what a firearm can do is key to responsible gun ownership.

Owning firearms is a huge responsibility. Things can go wrong very quickly if a person isn’t careful with the operation and safety features of a gun. Proper firearms training taught by a certified instructor is something that every responsible gun owner should undergo. Several of the benefits to this type of training include:

Increased Accuracy
Learning how to aim and shoot your firearm is extremely important. It doesn’t matter if it’s a handgun, shotgun, or rifle; all guns take some getting used to before optimal firing. An instructor can show you how to fire your gun with marksman accuracy. In life or death situations, this may just save you and your family. Just shooting recreationally? It’ll ensure that you hit your target consistently and in a tight group.

Safety Knowledge

You know that guns aren’t toys. Safety has been ingrained in the firearms community for over a century. However, everyone can make mistakes, and mistakes with a gun are often deadly. Thus, it is a wise choice to enroll in a class to learn proper firearm safety techniques. This knowledge is applicable no matter if you target shoot, hunt, or carry concealed.

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Acting Right at the Range: 5 Etiquette Tips for Target Shooters

Gun Range EtiquetteAwareness and accountability are key to a successful shooting session.

A day at the shooting range can be relaxing, stress-free, and a great opportunity to bond with others. However, target shooting is serious business for many, and it is very important to keep in mind these common courtesies when at the range:

Always observe safety rules and procedures.
Gun ranges have spent a lot of time and energy making sure the experience is safe for all. Rules such as always staying clear of active shooters, checking the safety of your firearm, and making sure to never point a gun at anything but the target are very important. Do your part to minimize the risk of serious and sometimes fatal accidents.

Only assist others when asked.
It’s nice to be helpful, but some people just want to be left in peace. Don’t gather around other shooters unless specifically given permission; it can distract them and become annoying. If you notice someone needing help, don’t rush over immediately and fix their problem. They may need some time to clear a jam, fix the staple gun, or load their magazines. However, if there is an imminent safety threat, then either speak up yourself or pay a visit to the instructor.

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